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The Streamline is a screening machine specifically designed for the fine seed industry. This... more
Product information "STREAMLINE SERIE"

The Streamline is a screening machine specifically designed for the fine seed industry.

This Air-Screen-Cleaner is used for seed production lots and breeding plots – laboratory purposes and to process commercial fine seed multiplications (e.g. vegetable and flower seeds).

A wide range of screens makes the machines suitable for almost any crop.


•     Feeding by VIDOS vibrating feeder for a regular flow, with integrated continuously variable speed adjustment for very precise dosing. Belt feeding also possible, see “options”.
•     Capacity of feeding hopper: 12 / 25 L (standard on 50-3 and 100-3), 60 L (standard on 800-3), other hopper sizes on request.
•     The machine works with 3 screen levels (100-3 also available with 4 screen levels).
•     The screen are kept clean during processing by rubber balls that are laying in a removable ALUMINUM ball frame underneath each screen.
•     The screens are tighly fit in the machine by a central clamb-locking system for a quick changing of the screens and thorough cleaning of the machine.
•     The oscillation speed of the screen compartment is continuously variable by a frequency converter, assuring optimal cleaning results
•     The machine has low vibration as the screen- compartment is counter balanced.
•     The speed of the cleaning fan is variable and adjusted from standstill to maximum by a frequency converter assuring very accurate cleaning and sorting of seeds. The fan has a very stable and reproducible output.
•     Very low noise level compared to similar machines.
•     Very easy and thorough to clean and no contamination risk, because of the open construction and because the screen compartment can be completely emptied
•     No wooden or aliminum frames on the screens where seeds can stick and hide.



•     Belt feeding for difficult seeds to ensure a good seed flow into the machine.
•     Pre-suction unit specifically designed for fine seeds. The Selecta air units are the most precisely working air units available in the market.
•     Collecting the “good seeds” on the side of the machine.
•     Operating panel by Touch screen.
•     Collecting funnel to collect the debris from the screens (for test institutes etc.)


Total Length (mm) 1.300 1.800 2.400
Total Width (mm) 1.050 1.050 1.450
Total Height (mm) 1.600 1.850 2.900
Sieve Width (mm) 400 400 800
Sieve Length (mm) 540 1.000 960
Nº of sieves 3 3/4 3
Capacity (wheat kg/h) 150 300 600
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