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AS Serie

  • SE10009
Selecta aspirators sort seeds on specific weight in a vertical air column, directly behind the... more
Product information "AS SERIE"

Selecta aspirators sort seeds on specific weight in a vertical air column, directly behind the vibratory feeder. The aspiration units can be used as stand alone units but can also be integrated on Selecta Cleaning, Calibration and Sorting machines.

The AS 1.1 is ideal for pre-cleaning of samples in plant breeding / seed test labs and is also used on top of the spiral separators to operate both as a (pre-)cleaner AND feeder.

The AS 2.5 is the ideal air suction machine to be mounted on top of other Selecta machines. In this way the AS 200 is both a (pre-)cleaner AND feeder.

The AS10.0 is the ideal machine to be used as a pre-cleaner in a seed-cleaning line.


•    Open system combining relatively high capacity and easy access, resulting in high efficiency (samples per hour).   
•    Because of the precise construction and the smooth finish, the AS aspiration units are 100% self cleaning, so mixing of seeds is not possible.
•    Feeding by VIDOS vibrating feeder for a regular flow, with integrated continuously variable speed adjustment for very precise dosing.
•    Funnel height adjustable above the vibratory gutter.  
•    Glass window (not static!) for inspection, easy to open if inside cleaning is necessary
•    Aspirator fan with stepless speed regulation by frequency converter.
•    No valves to regulate air flow, digital read out of fan speed make setting easy and reproducible.
•    Can operate stand alone, with dust bag filter as well as connected to a central dust aspiration system
•    The machine is easy to operate, only electrical adjustments and NO adjustable valves etc. This makes the adjustments 100% reproducible.


AS SERIE AS 1.1 AS 2.5 AS 10.0
Width of air channel (mm) 110 250 1.000
Power supply 0,4 kW - 230 volt 0,55 kW - 230 volt 1,1 kW - 230 volt


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