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The HC Serie are Selecta’s new calibration machines for a wide range of seeds. Selecta HC... more
Product information "HC SERIE"

The HC Serie are Selecta’s new calibration machines for a wide range of seeds. Selecta HC calibration machines are the best in class with an unbeatable precision on scaling seeds.

The HC 3.0 has been developed to replace sieving by hand and other small sizing machines, for batches from 250 gr. up to 15 kg or even more.

The new HC 6.0 which is Selecta’s latest innovation and is unbeatable in the market.

It will be available for use with small boxes or bigger boxes that can be moved with a forklift. The new HC Serie have four sieves in line for up to 5 fractions. A wide range of sieves makes the machine suitable for almost any crop.


•    The sieves are constructed in a unique light aluminum frame for easy handling and extra vibration.
•    Due to the light aluminum frame the VK is one of the quietest machines in the market.
•    One complete aluminum frame for balls and sieves keeps the machine very compact in comparison to other machines in the market
•    The sieves are fitted by clamps for fast changing of the sieves and thorough cleaning of the machine.
•    The movement of the sieves is unique. The sieves oscillate in low speed and high speed intervals. At low oscillation speed the seeds are separated by the sieves, at high oscillation speed the elastic balls clean the sieves by jumping underneath.
•    Easy to clean due to his compactness and high quality materials and precisely constructed.
•    The machine is very easy and thorough to clean and no contamination risk, because of the open construction.
•    Easy and precisely operation as all adjustments are continuously variable adjustable.
•    Feeding by VIDOS vibrating feeder for a regular flow, with  integrated continuously variable speed adjustment for very precise dosing.
•    The machine has no vibration as the sieve-boat is  counter balanced.
•    No wooden frames on the sieves where seeds can stick  and hide.



•    Storage rack for 40 sieves in the frame
•    Exchangeable aluminum sieve-boat with second aluminum sieve boat for quick change between seed batches.
•    Sensor on feeding hopper to stop when the feeding  hopper is empty.
•    Bigger feeding hopper in combination with bigger collecting boxes up to 30 Litres.
•    Pre-air sifter unit before the first sieve to remove light impurities to keep the sieves clean and/or to prevent dust in the working area.


HC SERIE HC 3.0 HC 6.0 HC 12.0
Total Length (mm) 2.000 2.600 6.800
Total Width (mm) 800 900 2.800
Total Height (mm) 1.000 1.700 3.000
Sieve Width (mm) 300 600 1.200
Sieve Length (mm) 300 400 800
Number of sieves 4 4 2X2
Feeding hopper (litres) 20 60 300
Power supply 0,75 kW - 230 volt 0,75 kW - 230 volt 1,5 kW - 230 volt
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